hyper4 fabric

Moisture wicking

Designed specifically to pull perspiration away from your skin and out to the exterior of the fabric where moisture easily evaporates.  Moisture wicking fabric is essential in the construction of all our high-performance clothes to keep athletes comfortable while in full action from training to sport.  Even when you’re not in full action, our moisture wicking properties keep you dry in hot and humid conditions.

In addition to keeping athletes comfortable while working out in warm conditions, our moisture wicking fabric is also important in the prevention of hypothermia in cold conditions. When you train outdoors in cold weather, layers are essential, but once you begin exercising and begin to perspire it can be dangerous to allow sweat to collect within fabric on your skin.  HYPER4 allows you to train comfortably and safe in all conditions.

Sun protective clothing

Designed specifically for sun protection, our fabrics contain a high-level of ultraviolet protection. Our unique weave structure and denier produces strong sun protective properties. In addition, our textiles and fabrics have been pre-treated with UV-inhibiting ingredients during manufacturing to further enhance the sun protection effectiveness.

Antimicrobial Treatment

We added a patented antimicrobial agent that inhibits or reduces the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface of our fabrics. These antimicrobial properties are functionalized by a variety of different processes, including a nontoxic, chemical compound coating that we apply to the surface of our fabrics to eliminate microorganisms.