El Niño Foiling with Laird

Words: admin | Date 02/05/16

1. The two Foil teams meet at the Barn for a coffee and discuss the day’s ‘ Mission’ ahead. From the left: LH, Randall Osakoda, Terry Chung and David Goodale.



2. Laird’s faithful mule being backed up to hook on the Jetski’s.  This is one hard working 4X4 and the only tool to navigate the job in hand.

Back Yard Toys


3. Hooking up for the short haul down to the Hanalei River slip.

Hooking Up


4. Fueling up both Jetski’s for the long journey ahead and a lot of towing action!



5. Reversing skills tested to the max, as both Jetski’s are effortlessly dropped into the water.

Ski Launch


6. Mr  Terry Chung. Shaper of all of their Foil Boards, currently being used by both teams.

Terry Chung


7.  Terry inspecting his 48” of Samurai Sword! Just the slightest knick and the Foil vibrates, so constant polishing with Wet’n’Dry paper is required.

Terry Worry About Glitches


8. Laird loading his extremely expensive, state-of-the-art, new Stainless Steel Strut equipped Foil board – This equipment is extremely fragile, as just the slightest imperfection in symmetry or dynamic causes bad performance.

Blame Laird


9. All Foiled Up! and ready for departure. This preparation and equipping is done with military precision and order.

Truck Loaded


10. An appearance by legendary Waterman – Director of Photography; Don King. Don has followed Team Laird for many years and is responsible for some of the greatest surfing footage ever to be witnessed.


11. More Blade cleaning and polishing. The Foil wings are G10 laminated glass, the fuselage is Aluminum and the Struts Stainless Steel. They need a lot of respect and careful handling onshore.


12. Salt water is a menace to everything mechanical! Rinsing from a fresh water hose is mandatory at all times.


13. Kawa the dog at heal 99% of time…


14. Spontaneous opportunity to harvest some Coconuts before departure.


15.  Suited and booted. Although the ocean is still plenty warm. LH wears a Laird Apparel prototype  neoprene top and compression short, over his favorite Performo board shorts.  Meanwhile, Foil boarding requires  a hard snowboard boot in order control this very fast and sensitive wave riding equipment.  Of course. the most important accessory is without doubt the life-vest/air bag.


16. Well Coiled ropes make for a quicker take off!


17. All systems go …


18. Team one ready…


19. Terry Chung prepped up…


20. Not a bad selection of Laird Stand Up boards as another option…perhaps later in the day.


21. All smiles. See you in about 6hrs, as they cruise out to for another El Nino Winter session….


22. Inspecting the incoming swell. Terry’s up first….


23. Terry dropping in at well over 40mph for another screaming ride….