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GQ Magzine _ Features Laird Hamilton on Laird Superfoods.

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Posted on March 27 2019

GQ Magzine _ Features Laird Hamilton on Laird Superfoods.

Laird Hamilton Launches Laird Superfood's.

With Laird Superfood, I had this coffee recipe I had been really into for the past 10 years, and was interested in how it affected caffeine absorption, among other things. Friends and I share these ideas and recipes all the time. It’s what we do. Philosophically, our approach to fitness is to pass around recipes and help each other be our best.

A friend who’s in the business came over, and I was trying to share the recipe with him. We realized most people would struggle with getting the unique ingredients it called for and making it properly. We decided the best way to share it was to make it and sell it ourselves.

Other businesses I’ve been involved in have been more specialized, appealing to a small group of enthusiasts we had to win over. But a lot of people drink coffee, and everybody eats— multiple times per day!

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