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  • Performo AIR 'Atlantic' - Boardshorts

    HYPER4 Perforated Ripstop 4-Way Stretch

  • 'PERFORMO II' - Coral Print Boardshorts

    HYPER4 Stretch Fabric

  • 'Quattro' - Premium T-Shirt

    Performance blend fabrication.

  • 'Vantage' Boardshorts

    'All day' retro performance shorts

  • Performo AIR 'Indigo' - Boardshorts

    HYPER4 Perforated Ripstop 4-Way Stretch

Welcome to Laird Apparel

This is where big-wave surfer and fitness expert Laird Hamilton has produced a functional, technically crafted, performance based collection comprised of three applications; Off Shore, Fitness and Lifestyle. The inspiration comes from the adventurous and unstoppable ever active lifestyle of Laird himself - From early mornings in the surf, to a day of performance training and then into laid back, casual evenings. The hybrid fabrications seamlessly connect all times of the day.





'HPH' Hybrid Performance Shorts

Hybrid Performance  Shorts for the beach, gym, trails, or courts.  HYPER4 fabric technology, with 4 way stretch Ripstop, 

HARBOUR II 'Pressure' Short Sleeve Shirt

The Hyper 4 boardshort material used to make this crisp, wrinkle resistant, button down shirt, means you can wear it surfing, and have it be dry in time to wear it to the office after.

HARBOUR 'Alo' Short Sleeve Shirt

Light weight, button down, short sleeve shirt. Hyper 4 boardshort fabric technology - effective moisture wicking, SPF protection, rapid drying and anti microbial characteristics.